Executive Director, Non Executive Director and Independent Directors

Executive Director is a person who is employed by the Company while non Executive Director is not employed by the Company. Requirement of composition of Board of Directors for listed company is provided in SEBI(LODR), 2015. Non-Executive Director is an Independent Director. Whereas Nominee director is not an Independent Director.

Salient Features of GST

Some important terms- Central Tax- CGST State Tax- SGST Union territory Tax- UTGST Integrated Tax- IGST (Parliament would have exclusive power to levy GST  on inter-State trade or commerce (including imports) in goods or services. (i) GST would be applicable on “supply” of goods or services as against the present concept of tax on the … Read more

Draft Articles of Association for Company Limited by Shares

TO DOWNLOAD CLICK ON THE LINK GIVEN BELOW:- Draft AOA for Private Limited Company   *(Adoption of new set of Articles of Association vide Special Resolution passed at Extra–Ordinary General Meeting of the Company held on _______(Date)                                                          THE COMPANIES ACT COMPANY LIMITED BY ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF  “XYZ PRIVATE LIMITED”   PRELIMINARY   … Read more

Some Important Section of Business/Profession Head

Some Important Section under “Profits and Gains from Business/Profession” head Click on the link to download pdf file Moneyandlaws   Section Summarized Provision 43(6) Money Payable means the sale price, in case of sale, or the insurance, salvage or compensation money payable in respect of the asset. 36(1)(iii) The amount of interest paid in respect … Read more